When are Fluorescent Labels Used

Day glow labels are excellent attention grabbers. There are many types of situations when using luminous labels comes as a great help: organizational, promotional, warning. Some of the most common situations/industries using fluorescent labels are:

• Inventory marking.

• Equipment/machinery marking.

• Promotional labels (direct marketing, sale fliers).

• Office labels.

• Storage and warehouse labels.

• Shipping (especially breakable, fragile or expedite mail orders).

• Mailing labels.

• Price reduction or special offer labels.

• Medical labels.

• Industrial hazard labels.

• Warning labels.

• Any type of color coding.

Fluorescent labels have a wide application potential and are obviously prized for their heightened visibility, which is very useful in noted situations. Using day-glow labels in storages and warehouses is especially beneficial, since the lighting inside is often poor and these glowing labels on shelves or equipment contribute to better work organization and lowers the risk of making mistakes.

Also, all types of labels that need to give off some important message or a certain warning quickly best serve their purpose if they are fluorescent and highly visible. Such messages can be “Fragile”, “Out of date”, “Out of service”, or some medical labels that warn of allergies, urgent procedures required, etc.

We’ve all probably seen at least one type of fluorescent labels in our lives, and those are the “price reduction” labels – they certainly catch our attention!