The Most Common Types

Fluorescent labels can be made with many types of materials, but the two most common ones are paper and vinyl.

Fluorescent matte paper with permanent adhesive is a cost-effective choice for most products that need eye-catching labels. The strong adhesive makes sure that your label want fall of once applied to a product and matte paper allows you to write information after the label has been printed. These types of labels are most often used for shipping, promotional labeling, office supplies, etc. They can be coated for extra protection from rough handling conditions. They should also be top coated if made for inkjet printing – that will make sure the ink doesn’t smear, but instantly dries when printed.

Fluorescent vinyl labels are ultra resistant to conditions such as extreme temperatures, moisture, rough handling, etc. Since they are waterproof, they can withstand outdoor conditions for long periods of time, which makes them suitable for storage, warehouse and hazard labeling.

Strong permanent adhesive most commonly used with fluorescent labels is good for all surfaces: steel drums (when using hazard labels), cardboard boxes, plastic containers, etc. However, you also have a choice of using removable adhesive that is not as aggressive, but allows you to reuse the label for different purposes.