The Benefits of Using Fluorescent Labels

Let’s wrap up what we learned today and summarize the most important benefits of using fluorescent labels. Aside from the obvious convenience – having our kids play for hours with their new glow-in-the dark “toys” – this is what you get when purchasing these types of labels:

• Cost-effective label solution.

• Highly-visible and effective product branding.

• Heightened visibility of products in the dark – very useful for storage and warehouse labeling.

• Extremely helpful for night conditions.

• Flexible; they allow for numerous design, size and shape possibilities.

• Better than any other label for all types of alerts.

We can’t stress enough the usefulness of fluorescent labels in low-light conditions and for different kinds of alerts. Storage and warehouse workers save a lot of time on searching for appropriate shelf or pallet when they are marked with a highly visible label; they prevent mix-ups and accidents from happening.

The “screaming” colors of alert stickers also help in saving medical patients’ lives, warning teachers of their students’ allergies, notifying workers in any field of priority issues and thus saving a lot of time and money.