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Fluorescent Labels University

Welcome to crash course on fluorescent labels hosted by Fluorescent Labels U. Here we’ll give you answers to questions like: Why should I order fluorescent labels? Can I order them in any color I want, or just in those four or six most common fluorescent colors? Are there any restrictions as to the size and shape of my bright-colored product labels? Once you learn all you can at the Fluorescent Labels U, you’ll be able to make the smartest purchase for your money.


We have only one goal here at to pass on the knowledge about fluorescent labels, so that you can make a sound judgment when choosing labels for your product. Buying product labels is a responsible activity that can greatly affect a business. That is why obtaining accurate information is so important, and we are best equipped to deliver that information to you.

Our Fluorescent Label Pros will explain to you the advantages of ordering fluorescent labels, the most common products and applications that have them, standard colors they come in, what types of information are best printed on fluorescent labels and everything else you need to know about them. By the time you read through, you’ll be something of a Fluorescent Label Pro yourself!